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Height: 6'0
Off season:

Born in: Washington, DC.
Columbia, Md.
Columbia Association (Athletic Club & Columbia Gym).

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I have competed as a lifetime drug free bodybuilder for 20 years and have been afforded the opportunity to compete throughout the United States and the Caribbean against some of the best bodybuilders in the world. 

​For 8 years I owned and operated Body of Distinction, a Personal Training Studios. Now, I own and operate HVD Studios, a graphic and website design company in Baltimore Maryland.

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My name is Steve Haywood and I'm a lifetime drug free bodybuilder from Columbia, Md. I've been away from the scene for a while but I'm making a comeback! I appreciate the support of my family, friends, and members of the gym where I train. Your kind words fueled my desires to compete again. This season is dedicated to my father who is in hospice care. 

What's next:

Just like competing, my social media channels were neglected. I am back on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so be sure to follow me as I will be posting my training vlogs, fitness tips, and my competition schedule once its finalized.

About me

Down.  But not out.

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stephen haywood

Professional Natural Bodybuilder | Entrepreneur
I am currently doing a "detox" of the things I thoroughly enjoy eating. Starting in August I will officially start my pre-contest training with the hopes of walking back on stage in November. Competition and location to be determined later this fall. This will be a 2 year journey, meaning that if I'm not contest ready in November I'll compete early spring 2017.

I'm never too busy to say hi and stop for a quick conversation so if you see me at the gym, don't be afraid to introduce yourself.  Motivation always wanted!

When I'm not working or training, I enjoy spending time with my dogs Taz, Flex, Mimi and EJ. 

I am a dedicated fan of sports, call me a diehard if you will, of the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Redskins, Washington Capitals, and Washington Wizards.

I am also a big movie buff and it should come as no surprise that I love all types of food.

It's true.  I'm making a comeback.

My life

June 15, 2016
I haven't competed for going on 5 years for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that I am a business owner, the main priority in my life. I was also in school pursuing my Master's degree so time was at a premium for me. Now that the dust has settled and my life is more settled, I'm able to commit the time to training.

​My plans are to gradually prepare my body for the rigors of dieting, 2 a days, practice, travel, all while balancing my career.